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  • Corlett Novis

    Corlett Novis

    Former Editor at Pi Media (London) interested in Digital Economy. Anti-capitalism. Pro-ecology.

  • Daniel Lawson

    Daniel Lawson

    This shocking gay will save you thousands on car insurance.

  • Katiek


  • Ken Wilson

    Ken Wilson

    Co-Author with Emily Swan of Solus Jesus: A Theology of Resistance, and co-pastor of Blue Ocean Faith, Ann Arbor, a progressive, inclusive church (a2blue.org).

  • Gala Farah

    Gala Farah

    Interested in literature, psychology, and psychopharmacology

  • Alexey Pikulev

    Alexey Pikulev

    Creator at http://InTeamWeTrust.com, agile coach, CSM/CSPO/CSP, Kanban Trainer, Ph.D., 5xHalf-Ironman, Ironman finisher, Father of 3 kids.

  • Mohit Kingra

    Mohit Kingra

    Adventure Traveler; Product Thinker https://mohitkingra.com

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