Knowing what not to do can save you and maybe even the world.

Westminster: Pixabay license, free for commercial use with no attribution

Brexit is turning out to be a tragic example of bad negotiation. Good negotiators follow a basic set of rules that Brexit has seemingly failed to manage. Negotiations of such complexity are fabulously complicated and we must…

Overcoming the illusions of the infotrough

Buddhist Hell Source: Terimakasih0

What I’m about to tell you has implications for brain washing, for advertising, and for fake news. It also has implications for the way we grow up, the way we dream, and the way we should present information to other people. …

If you want more out of life, it helps to know how to ask

Happiness is good for you. Source: Camdiluv

I’m a complete sucker for being asked to do things. I sometimes actively avoid people because I know that if they ask me to do something I will be physically unable to say no. My cats know this. My children know this. Charities seem to know this too, because they’ve…

Richard Wrangham described the behavior of a young chimp, Kakama, who played with a small log as if it were a child. Kakam made a small nest for it, held it, and seemingly loved it. What is the best scientific explanation for this behavior? Do you risk anthromorphising the behavior…

Science and religion both offer origin stories of death.

It is tempting to set up religion against science in any discussion of life, death, and purpose. But religion and science are different kinds of things and one can find spiritual truths in both of them. Why we die is a question for which both offer an answer.

Science answers…

Thomas Hills

Evolving author of “Does my algorithm have a mental health problem?”, “Why do we die?” and “The dark side of information proliferation.”

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